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Removal from the list of students

A student may be removed from the list of students in the case of:

  • failure to undertake studies - e.g., if you fail to register for obligatory courses in the following semester, or if you fail to appear at the faculty despite being admitted, or if you fail to confirm in USOS taking the oath within one month of the beginning of studies;
  • resignation from studies - if you know that you no longer want to study, resign yourself. This will save others unnecessary work, free up available space in your class group, etc. According to the study regulations, the resignation from the study requires your own signature;
  • lack of progress in learning, which is ascertained if you have failed to obtain credit for a given study term more than once.
  • failure to obtain credit for a study term (a semester or a year) by the deadline specified - if the set of courses you have completed does not allow for conditional passing of a stage and the vice-dean for student affairs or the study regulations do not allow for its repetition. In extreme cases, this may also occur if you fail to link courses to a study term and fail to submit the programme for settlement or fail to apply for a conditional registration for the subsequent term of study or for the referral to repeat a term of study by the deadline;
  • failure to pay applicable fees related to your studies - if you do not pay the fees for repeated courses or for extracurricular courses that you have registered for and not obtained credit for by the due date. Remember, removal from the student list does not cancel the debt;
  • failure to submit a degree thesis or failure to pass the diploma examination within the scheduled time frame for study completion - basic deadline for submitting diploma thesis and diploma exam is the end of September, the vice-dean for student affairs may extend it until the end of December at your request;
  • punishment by the disciplinary penalty of expulsion from the University - e.g. for plagiarism in examination test or diploma thesis;
  • failure to participate in obligatory courses - when the number of the student’s absences makes it impossible to fulfil the duties specified for the particular study cycle.

The decision on removal from the list of students can be appealed to the Rector. The appeal should be submitted through the Head of the educational unit (i.e. the vice-dean for student affairs).