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Obtaining course credits and examinations: excusing your absence, credits transfer, course credit resignation

Course credits

Course coordinators are responsible for determining the rules for obtaining course credits and the principles of admission to examinations and for publishing them in USOS. The same applies to credit for absences from classes and laboratories. The absence on PE classes during exam session is excused by the Physical Education and Sports Centre (SWFIS) based on general information from the vice-dean for student affairs. The rules for excusing absences at other times are determined by the <physical education="" and="" sports="" centre="" (swfis).<="" p=""> </physical>

You have 2 exam dates in regular exam session. Course coordinator decides on conditions for taking an exam on a date falling before the examination session. Course coordinator may also decide to grant the student the right to improve a positive grade in a re-sit examination session/at the re-sit deadline.

As a rule, unexcused absence at an examination shall result in the loss of one exam date. However, in case of absence caused by an illness or another chance event, you may e-mail to Student Office a written request for reinstatement of the right to examination together with the original documents justifying your absence (e.g. medical certificate) within 7 days of the date of the examination.

If you have any objections as to the form, conduct or impartiality of the exam grading, you have the right to submit a request to the vice-dean for student affairs for an exam before a commission within 7 days of of the date of the examination or of announcing the examination results. However, you should remember that an exam before a commission is not another examination date and your objections should be justified.

Transcription of credits obtained at the Faculty of MIM in previous years

If you have re-enrolled, you will probably not need to repeat courses you have already passed provided that no more than 2 years have elapsed since the date of the credit (although this is decided by the vice-dean for student affairs in each case). Applications to the vice-dean for student affairs shall be submitted via USOSweb within one month of the start of the semester.

The vice-dean for student affairs will take into account the course grade (if you have not passed the exam on the 1st date and obtained a 3 on the 2nd date, you will probably not be granted the approval of the vice-dean for student affairs) and whether the course consists of several parts (Mathematical analysis in Mathematics and Computer Science, GAL -Linear algebra and geometry in Mathematics) - if you get a 3 in the first part and have not passed the second part, you will not be granted the approval of the vice-dean for student affairs.

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