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Settlement of a study term: courses linking, conditional registration for a subsequent study term, repeating a study term, the grade average

First-year undergraduate students have their courses settlement after their first semester for the first time. Other students have their courses settlement annually. 

In order to settle a study term you need to complete courses indicated in your course schedule/study plan and obtain a certain number of ECTS credits for courses in selected groups (e.g. general university courses, elective courses, facultative courses). Missing credits for courses of one type (e.g. for specialization courses) cannot be replaced by others. Equivalent courses are the exception (if you want to settle a study term with equivalent courses you need to submit a request in USOS)

This means that in order to settle a study term you need to obtain credits for all obligatory courses (indicated by name) assigned in the course schedule for a given year of study (or in the case of the first year of study - a given semester) and as many elective courses as needed to meet the ECTS credit requirements (the number of elective courses is only indicative);

For instance, if the course schedule for a given term provides for elective courses for 6 ECTS credits, this may consist of e.g. 2 courses for  3 ECTS credits and 3 courses for 2 ECTS credits, etc.

Remember that from the second year of study onwards, there is an annual settlement - if you failed to obtain credit for an elective course in the first semester, do not link it to the study term and register for another elective course in the following semester.

Once you have completed your credits, you need to link the courses to the appropriate study term and submit the programme for settlement.

If you have failed to get credits for all courses but:

  1. you meet the requirements for conditional settlement of a semester or a year
  2. you want to repeat a year (and according to the Rules and Regulations of Study you are allowed to do so)

submit the appropriate application in USOS to the vice-dean for student affairs while submitting the programme for settlement.

Note - in your first year of studies you should also apply for a conditional settlement of a year if you have already conditionally obtained credit for the first semester of your studies.