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Registration for courses

General information

You need to register by yourself for courses provided by the faculty of MIM through the USOSWeb registration system at:  (the only exceptions are obligatory courses for the first semester of the first year of first-cycle studies (with the exception of PE), the first semester of the first year of second-cycle studies and master seminars for continuing students).

See the registration calendar for MIM registration deadlines.

Once you have been registered for a course, you are expected to obtain the course credit for it in a given semester. While choosing courses you need to meet the requirements of your study programme for a given study term. The requirements may apply to particular courses (indicated by name) that need to be passed with a grade at a given study term or to courses in selected groups (in this case, you need to collect the required number of ECTS credits from particular groups of courses: facultative/elective, general university courses, humanities and the social sciences, PE, etc.).

Courses provided in different streams do not differ in the level of difficulty, only in the person of the lecturer. Courses with a "star" next to their code/starred courses differ from basic courses by their extended programme. You obtain the same number of ECTS credits for courses with or without a star. Students registered for a starred course may transfer to a course without a star (or vice versa) by obtaining the approval from the coordinators of both courses and submitting an application to the vice-dean for students' affairs with the number of the group to which they are transferring.

When registering for courses of a particular year or semester, you also need to remember about the courses you are supposed to retake (if you have been granted a course re-take).

Registration for foreign language courses, for sports (PE) and general university courses is possible through: For facultative/elective courses, general university courses, PE and foreign language classes you need to register on your own. Here you will find the registration schedule:

To register for the above courses you need "tokens" (virtual currency), which are allocated at the beginning of your studies.

Different registration rounds

You will find the information on specific registration rounds for particular groups of classes in registration calendar at USOSWeb. During the basic registration/first round ("Registration for course") you choose only the courses you would like to attend without choosing course terms. If you have got registration results and you have been registered for a course, you may choose preferred course terms in the groups of classes and labs ("Gathering preferences for class-groups registration/registration for groups"). Once the allocation to groups is finished, it is time for possible online exchange (if you find another student willing to exchange) ("Groups exchange system"). Changes to class and laboratory group assignments are also made by course coordinators during dedicated term rounds ("coordinated groups exchange").

Once the basic registration is closed and if there are free places available you may register for them during the additional registration directly to class groups ("Direct registration for groups - FCFS: first come, first served mode");

If you have not registered for courses on a regular basis due to important difficulties beyond your control, administrative registration for courses is your last chance. First, you need to get the approval from the course coordinators (lecturers) and from the vice-dean for student affairs. (Please note - approval of the course coordinator does not guarantee your registration for a class).

You can only submit your applications after all the registration rounds are over by sending it, within the deadline indicated by the vice-dean for students affairs,to:

Registration for non-mandatory courses

In addition to obligatory courses for a semester/year, you may register for courses (if there are free places available) from upper study terms (years) and for courses not covered by your study programme, including courses offered by other faculties (in this case, you submit registration request to the faculty offering the course).

Courses in mathematics, bioinformatics and elective courses in computer science are available from the first round of registration for all MIM students and MISMaP students with mathematics or computer science as a main field of study.

In the first round of registration, only students of the fields of study for which the courses are intended have access to the computer science obligatory courses and the courses for Machine Learning.

Other MIM students gain access to free places in these courses in the BRDG round. In the same round, access to all courses offered by MIM ( depending on vacancies) is granted to students of MISMaP (regardless of the main field of study) and Cognitive Science.

Unregistration and fees

During the first three weeks of classes, you can unregister yourself (by clicking on the red basket in the USOSWeb registration basket) or with the help of the student office.

After this deadline, you may resign from a course credit if its dates, the person running the classes or the assessment criteria have been changed. You need to report your resignation in USOS to the vice-dean for student affairs (module: Applications) within 14 days of such a change.

In other cases, you may resign from obtaining credit for a course before the date indicated in the organisation of the academic year as the course credit resignation deadline for given semester. But this right may only be exercised once during first and second cycle studies. The resignation should be made by the student in USOSweb in the module "Linkage". Once the withdrawal date has passed, you can no longer withdraw your resignation. If you withdraw from a course within the specified time, you will not be charged a fee for repeating the course when you re-register for it.

Resigning from a course does not change the requirements for completing a study term. This means that if you resign from passing a course that is obligatory for your study term, you do not obtain any credit for it and you lose the opportunity for unconditional settlement of the study term, and you will have to complete the course later anyway. Resigning from a course also does not change the number of ECTS credits required for conditional settlement of a study term.

If you resign from passing a foreign language course or P.E., tokens used cannot be retrieved.

You will be charged a fee for failed courses.

Read about unregistration and course resignation here: