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You need to indicate your preferred choice of diploma seminars when recruiting for a second-cycle degree programme in the system of Internet Recruitment of Candidates (IRK) . Assignment to the seminar is based on ranking lists and is announced at the end of September.

Registration for classes

You need to register for all courses on your own (except for the master seminar). The general part of the student guide contains information on registration and course group descriptions.

You need to register for courses offered by the Faculty of MIM (i.e. courses with codes 1000-XXX) via USOS on the dates indicated in the MIM registration calendar:

You need to register for courses offered by the Faculty of Physics (i.e. courses with codes 1100-XXX) via USOS on the dates indicated in the Faculty of Physics registration calendar:

You need to register for courses offered by the Faculty of Biology (i.e. courses with codes 1400-XXX) following the instructions here (in Polish):

Choice of courses

Courses to be chosen according to the course schedule for Bioinformatics 2nd cycle are divided into obligatory courses, specific programme courses, elective and complementary courses.

The obligatory courses have not been assigned to a specific semester of study, but they all need to be completed within 2 years.

As part of the obligatory courses, at least one course of the Genomic-Scale Technologies group needs to be completed. Currently, the group contains only Genome Scale Technologies 2, but two new courses are planned from the 2023/24 academic year: Technologies in Genomics and Transcriptomics and Algorithms for the Analysis of Genomic Data. The completion of another course from the group will then be counted as a credit for the specific programme course

A total of 16 ECTS credits needs to be collected for specific programme courses during the entire studies. Any extra ECTS credits for specific programme courses are counted as elective and complementary courses.

As a general rule, elective courses may include all courses offered at the faculties of Biology, Physics and Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics. In usoosweb, they are visible in the groups: Elective courses for the second cycle programme in Bioinformatics (offered by MIM) and Elective courses for the second cycle programme in Bioinformatics (other faculties). The lists are exemplary; however, credit for a course outside the groups requires the approval of the Head of Studies.

For an easier overview of the range of Computer Science and Mathematics courses offered, Lectures on Lectures are organised at the end of the academic year, giving a brief introduction to them.

Complementary courses are actually courses from the Bioinformatics 1st cycle programme at the Faculty of MIM. They are offered to students who have not completed them (or equivalent courses) during their 1st cycle studies.

If you have any doubts about your choice of courses, please feel free to consult your study plan in your first year with the Head of Studies.

Diploma examination process

You do need to have your thesis topic approved in order to complete the first year of the master seminar. In order to complete the 2nd year of the seminar, you need to submit your thesis to the APD (you do not need to print it) You can only take take the diploma examination once you have ended studies (i.e. you have completed all the courses required by your study plan). However, you may start arranging the examination date even before you have completed all your credits in Usos

The master diploma examination is oral. The exam consists of a presentation of the master thesis (up to 15 minutes) and answers to 3 questions directly related to the master thesis and to the topics covered by the obligatory courses for the second cycle studies.