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You will prepare your thesis during the bioinformatics proseminar, which is a Bachelor Diploma Laboratory/B.Sc. degree laboratory (1000-726LIC). You register for it in the regular registration for courses. You need to have your application for approval of your bachelor thesis topic approved by the end of the first month of your third year of study.

Registration for classes

All students are administratively registered for courses and class groups in the first semester of study. You only need to register for P.E. yourself. If you are not satisfied with your group allocation, you can take part in the Group Exchange or you can ask the course coordinator for a change of a group (during the Coordinated Groups Exchange round). You will need to register for all courses on your own from the second semester of study onwards.

Read about the registration rounds (and its general rules here.). Note that classes are held in the buildings of the faculty of MIM and the faculties of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

You need to register for the courses offered by the faculty of MIM (i.e. those with codes 1000-XXX) via USOS on the dates indicated in the MIM registration calendar:

You need to register for courses offered by the Faculty of Physics (i.e. courses with codes 1100-XXX) via USOS on the dates indicated in the Faculty of Physics registration calendar:

You need to register for courses offered by the Faculty of Biology (i.e. courses with codes 1400-XXX) following the instructions here (in Polish):

Equivalent courses

You can replace some courses with their equivalents from other fields of study. This is particularly helpful if you choose to study more than one field of study.

course from another field of study equivalent course in bioinformatics
Linear algebra and geometry I & II (1000-111bGA1a, 1000-112bGA2a) Linear algebra (1000-711ALI)
Introduction to mathematics (1000-111bWMAa) + Discrete mathematics (1000-134MAD) Discrete mathematics (1000-711MAD)
Introduction to computer science I (1000-111bWI1) & II (1000-112bWI2) + a course requiring programming in Python (e.g. 1000-1M20NPD, 1000-2N03BO) Introduction to computer science (1000-711WIN)
Mathematical analysis I.1 (1000-111bAM1a) and I.2 (1000-112bAM2a) Calculus (1000-711RRC)
Mathematical analysis II.1 (1000-113bAM3a) and II.2 (1000-114bAM4a) Calculus 2 (1000-712RRC2)
Scientific Computing (1000-135ONA) Scientific computations (1000-712ONA)
Probability theory I (1000-114bRP1a) Probability theory (1000-712bRPR)
Introduction to Game Theory (1000-135WTG) + Nonlinear optimization (1000-135OPN) Optimization and game theory (1000-715bOTG)
Databases (1000-134BAD) Databases and net services (1000-715BDU) (elective course)

Elective courses

You need to obtain 31 ECTS credits from elective courses in the second and third year of study. With the approval of the head of studies, first-cycle students may also take elective courses from the master degree programme.

Diploma examination process

You can find all the courses you have to complete during your studies in the course schedule and how they are assigned (linked) to each semester or year. Information on courses common to all fields of study (including H&S and POWI) can be found here. Below you can find detailed information about the courses for the bioinformatics undergraduate programme and the bachelor diploma examinations.