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Algebraic K-theory, homotopy theory, topology of transformation groups, homological algebra, knot theory and topology of algebraic varieties.


Employees and PhD students

  • prof. dr hab. Stanisław Betley

    Algebraic K-theory, homotopy theory and homological algebra in functor categories

  • dr hab. Marcin Chałupnik

    Homological algebra and representation theory, in particular homological properties of modular representations of general linear groups via functor categories

  • prof. dr hab. Stefan Jackowski

    Homotopy theory of classifying spaces of compact Lie groups and related spaces, homological algebra in functor categories, equivariant topology

  • dr Andrzej Kozłowski

    Homotopy theory of classifying spaces of holomorphic and algebraic transformations

  • dr hab. Tomasz Maszczyk

  • dr hab. Paweł Traczyk, prof. UW

    Knot theory, polynomial invariants of knots and links

  • dr hab. Andrzej Weber, prof. UW

    Topology of algebraic varieties: in particular intersection homology, weight filtration, equivariant cohomology Thom polynomials and other homological or numerical invariants of singularities

  • dr Magdalena Zielenkiewicz

    Group action (in particular torus), equivalent of cohomology, Lie group

  • dr Olga Ziemiańska

    Homotopy theory and group actions; geometric group theory

  • dr Krzysztof Ziemiański

    Homotopy theory of classifying spaces of compact Lie groups, combinatorial topology , directed algebraic topology, knot theory