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Norbert Dojer

Number of publications: 24




  • Thomas Clouaire, Vincent Rocher, Anahita Lashgari, Coline Arnould, Marion Aguirrebengoa, Anna Biernacka, Magdalena Skrzypczak, Franćcois Aymard, Bernard Fongang, Norbert Dojer , Jason Iacovoni, Maga Rowicka, Krzysztof Ginalski, Jacques Côté, Gaëlle Legube, Comprehensive mapping of histone modifications at DNA double-strand breaks deciphers repair pathway chromatin signatures, Molecular cell, 2018. See in PBN
  • Michał Krzysztoń, Monika Zakrzewska-Płaczek, Norbert Dojer , Wojciech Karłowski, Joanna Kufel, Aleksandra Kwaśnik, Defective XRN3-mediated transcription termination in Arabidopsis affects the expression of protein-coding genes, Plant Journal, 93 (6) 2018, p. 1017-1031. See in PBN


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  • Allan R. Brasier, Norbert Dojer , Shuhua Fu, Abhishek Mitra, Maga Rowicka, Jun Yang, A probabilistic approach to learn chromatin architecture and accurate inference of the NF-kappa B/RelA regulatory network using ChIP-Seq, Nucleic Acids Research, 2013. See in PBN
  • Paweł Bednarz, Norbert Dojer , Agnieszka Podsiadlo, Bartosz Wilczyński , BNFinder2: Faster Bayesian network learning and Bayesian classification, Bioinformatics, 2013. See in PBN
  • Norbert Dojer , Piotr Jaroszynski, Efficient and Error-Tolerant Sequencing Read Mapping, INTERNATIONAL WORK-CONFERENCE ON BIOINFORMATICS AND BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 2013, 2013. See in PBN
  • Norbert Dojer , Michał Modzelewski, MSARC: Multiple Sequence Alignment by Residue Clustering, 2013. See in PBN
  • Magda Bienko, Roberto Chiarle, Nicola Crosetto, Ivan Dikic, Norbert Dojer , Krzysztof Ginalski, Elif Karaca, Abhishek Mitra, Philippe Pasero, Maga Rowicka, Maria Joao Silva, Magdalena Skrzypczak, Qi Wang, Nucleotide-resolution DNA double-strand break mapping by next-generation sequencing, Nature Methods, 2013. See in PBN