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Numerical analysis and scientific computing


Theoretical analysis, construction and implementation of efficient algorithms for computational problems of continuous mathematics, such as: approximation and integration of multivariate functions, problems of linear algebra including large systems of linear equations, ordinary and partial differential equations, optimization. Computer graphics and computer added geometric design. Computational complexity and tractability of continuous problems. Approximation theory and applications.


Employees and PhD students

  • dr Paweł Bechler

    Approximation theory: wavelets and geometry of Banach spaces and their applications in theoretical questions of numerical methods and image processing

  • dr hab. Przemysław Kiciak

    Computer graphics image synthesis, visualization, illumination models, rendering algorithms and computer aided geometric design (geometric continuity of curves and surfaces, shape optimization)

  • dr Piotr Kowalczyk

    Numerical methods for solving partial differential equations, particularly the finite element method for kinetic equations; numerical methods in finance; scientific computing and computer simulations

  • dr Piotr Krzyżanowski

    Numerical PDEs, numerical linear algebra, scientific computing, parallel algorithms, numerical simulations

  • dr hab. Leszek Marcinkowski, prof. UW

    Numerical methods of solving of PDEs, in particular domain decomposition methods for solving elliptic equations, mainly based on the abstract framework of additive Schwarz method (ASM); development of the methods on nonmatching meshes

  • prof. dr hab. Leszek Plaskota

    Computational complexity, tractability, and construction of optimal algorithms for continuous problems, where available information is partial, priced, and contaminated with deterministic or random noise; numerical integration and approximation of scalar and multivariate functions.

  • dr Paweł Siedlecki

    Złożoność obliczeniowa i podatność zagadnień ciągłych, takich jak aproksymacja i całkowanie funkcji wielu zmiennych, w oparciu o informację częściową

  • prof. dr hab. Henryk Woźniakowski

    Complexity of continuous problems: computational complexity and algorithms for continuous problems such as approximation and integration in many dimensions, based on partial and noisy information