Vakil's seminar Publications
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Joachim Jelisiejew

(to email, avoid OBSTRUCTION):

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics
and Mechanics, University of Warsaw
Room 1310, Banacha 2, Warsaw


My work is in the intersection of algebraic geometry and commutative algebra, frequently with a view towards applications. I am happy to use tools from infty-cats, stack theory to representation theory to combinatorics and computational tools such as M2. I work in particular on deformations of zero-dimensional objects, Bialynicki-Birula decompositions, Hilbert and Quot schemes, applications to tensors and secants varieties, applications to motivic homotopy theory etc.
See my papers or my poster for details. If you want to discuss, just send me an email!


  • I will be offering M.Sc. scholarships in the academic year 2024/25 at University of Warsaw. More information will follow. Preference will be given to candidates with solid prior background in algebraic geometry, with an emphasis on tensors and/or Hilbert schemes and moduli spaces.
  • Another Math PhD Open course will be offered in the academic year 2024/25. Michel Brion will talk about algebraic groups. Stay tuned for more information. (It is not excluded that there will be more PhD Open courses in between.)
  • Syzygies
    In September in Kraków with Gabi and Jerzy I coorganize a conference on Syzygies and Hilbert Schemes!. Everyone is cordially invited!
  • I put a list of open problems in zero-dimensional deformations on arXiv. Enjoy! Also thanks to Tony Iarrobino for the initial push.