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Wydział Matematyki, Informatyki i Mechaniki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

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Seminarium "Uczenie maszynowe"

Lista referatów

  • 2020-11-12, godz. 12:15,

    Tomasz Danel (Jagiellonian University)

    Machine Learning in Computer-Aided Drug Design

    Drug discovery is a long and expensive process. Currently, pharmaceutical companies begin to acknowledge the potential of machine learning methods. These methods enable the effective exploration of the chemical space and the rapid identification of promising chemical compounds. During the present...

  • 2020-10-29, godz. 12:15, google meet (

    Michał Garmulewicz

    Towards structured world models for control

    In recent years model-based RL has broadly lived up to its promise and has kept bringing outstanding benchmark performance, especially in the limited data regime.  Secondly, there is a growing interest in using structural priors to improve world models, making them less data-hungry, mor...