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Seminarium „Topologia i teoria mnogości”

Cotygodniowe seminarium badawcze

Lista referatów

  • 2018-12-05, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Andrzej Starosolski (Silesian University of Technology)

    The Rudin–Keisler ordering of P-points under b = c

    M. E. Rudin (1971) proved, under CH, that for each P-point there exists a P-point strictly RK-greater. This result was proved under p = c by A. Blass (1973), who also showed that each RK-increasing ω-sequence of P-points is upper bounded by a P-point, and that there is an order embedding of th...

  • 2018-11-28, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Wiesław Kubiś (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw and Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences)

    Uniform homogeneity

    A mathematical structure is called homogeneous if every isomorphism between its ``small" substructures extends to an automorphism. If additionally, this extension can be made algebraic, namely, preserving compositions, we then say that the structure is uniformly homogeneous. Homogeneous structures ...

  • 2018-11-21, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Grzegorz Plebanek (University of Wrocław)

    On Cartesian products of compact lines

    This is joint work with Gonzalo Martinez Cervantes. By a compact line we mean a compact space which topology is defined by a linear order. Answering a problem posed by Mardesic, we show that n-fold product of compact lines cannot be continuously mapped onto a product of n+1 nonmetrizable spaces. ...

  • 2018-11-14, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Arturo Antonio Martínez Celis Rodríguez (IMPAN)

    Ultrafilters related to the Michael space problem

    A Lindelöf Topological space is Michael if it has non-Lindelöf product with the space of the irrational numbers. These kind of spaces were introduced by Ernest Michael in 1963 and it is still unknown if one can be constructed in ZFC. We will introduce the notion of Michael ultrafilter and we will ...

  • 2018-11-07, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Ali Enayat (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

    Models of arithmetic meet set theory and topology

    The first part of the talk is expository and provides a general introduction to nonstandard models of arithmetic, and the various ways they interact with set theory and topology.  The second part focuses on recent results obtained in collaboration with Joel David Hamkins and Bartosz Wcisło on...

  • 2018-10-24, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Paweł Krupski (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)

    Complexity of homeomorphism relations on some classes of compacta

    This is a joint work with Benjamin Vejnar ( We prove that the homeomorphism relation between compact spaces can be continuously reduced to the homeomorphism equivalence relation between absolute retracts which strengthens and simplifies recent results of Chan...

  • 2018-10-17, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Roman Pol (University of Warsaw)

    On a problem of Talagrand concerning separately continuous functions

    This is a joint work with Volodymyr Mykhaylyuk (a preliminary version of our paper is on arXiv:   M.Talagrand [Math.Ann.270(1985),Probleme 3] stated the following problem (recalled recently in Guirao, V.Montesinos, V.Zizler, Open problems in geometry and ...

  • 2018-10-10, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Viktoriia Brydun (Lviv National University)

    Fuzzy metrization of the spaces of idempotent measures

    The talk will be dedicated to idempotent mathematics (better known as tropical mathematics) and category theory.   The idempotent measures (Maslov measures) are counterparts of the probability measures in the idempotent mathematics.  The main result provides a fuzzy metrization ...

  • 2018-06-13, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Kazimierz Alster (UKSW)

    Gra Telgarskiego a multiplikatywność parazwartości

    Ogólnym problemem dotyczącym multiplikatywności parazwartości jest pytanie o charakteryzację klasy P przestrzeni parazwartych, których iloczyn kartezjański z dowolną przestrzenią parazwartą jest parazwarty a także związane z nim problemy: Czy klasa P jest zamknięta ze względu na dom...

  • 2018-06-06, godz. 16:15, 5050

    Piotr Szewczak (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw)

    Products of Luzin-type sets with combinatorial properties

    A topological space is Menger if for any sequence U1, U2, … of open covers of the space, there are finite subsets F1, F2, … of U1, U2, …, respectively, such that the union of F1, F2, … covers the space. If we can request that the sets F1, F2, … are singletons, then the space is Rothberger....