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Wydział Matematyki, Informatyki i Mechaniki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

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Mathematical Logic and Category Theory


Pure logic (weak theories in arithmetics, categorical logic, nonclassical logics) and applications of logic in computer science and artifficial intelligence. Category theory and its applications.




  • Theory of coalgebras and bialgebras
  • Mathematical logic: weak theories of arithmetic, in particular metamathematical properties of weak arithmetics (provability of consistency statements) and partial collapses of some hierarchies of formulae
  • Applications of logic in artificial intelligence
  • Nonclassical logics, higher-order logics, quantifier elimination, applications of logic in artificial intelligence
  • The theory of higher categories and its applications in mathematics and physics
  • Logic, theory of institutions, category theory in foundations of computer science
  • Logic, category theory, higher dimensional category theory and its applications, particularly in multitopic categories; first order categorical logic, topos theory, intuitionistic and modal logics, descent theory