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Wydział Matematyki, Informatyki i Mechaniki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

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Recruitment for the Doctoral School in Mathematics and Computer Science continues until the 19th of May. We warmly welcome master's students who would like to start their PhD studies under the wings of MIM and IMPAN from October. Please forward the information to potentially interested students, including those from other centers.

Application for Warsaw Doctoral School of Mathematics and Computers Science continues through June 28, 2021


We cordially invite everyone to the on-line colloquium.

On 1st October, 2021 a new program Machine Learning starts at Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics UW.

Do you consider pursuing PhD studies in Computer Science?

Come to our (virtual) Open Day of Doctoral Studies in Computer Science held on 8th May 2021 and see a sample of research topics offered to PhD students.


We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.

The European Research Council Office has prepared statistics on the grants awarded so far in computer science under the EU Horizon 2020 program. The University of Warsaw is ranked 8th in this list.



We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.



We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.


We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.

We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.

  • The academic year 2020/21 starts on 15th of October.
  • The next semester will be organized remotely, only with some elements of contact classes.


We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.




We cordially invite everyone to the on-line colloquium.


A research paper “Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Atari” has been chosen for a spotlight presentation during the upcoming ICLR. Only 5% of the papers submitted receive this distinction.



We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.


We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.



We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.

Dogfooding is a widely used practise of the software industry: new versions of products are first tested by asking the company's own employees to use the products in their lives. In this talk I will argue that allocation in clouds and supercomputers is a perfect playground (a dogfood) for ideas in algorithmics - with non-trivial problems, significant industry interest, standard data sets and ever evolving platforms and usage scenarios. I will present our recent results on how job scheduling algorithms can be adjusted to packing tasks in a cloud datacenter to minimize performance...

Khovanov invariants were introduced around year 2000 as a generalization of the Jones polynomial. In my talk I'll explain their properties and briefly review the construction.

Speaker: Maciej Borodzik

New open faculty positions at the Institute of Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics UW have been opened.

Many d-variate problems suffer the curse of dimensionality which means that the minimal number of evaluations nedeed to find an approximation is exponential in d. This can happen even for very regular problems as will be illustrated for multivariate approximation of C∞ functions.

The program committee of the ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing conference (STOC) – where every year, about 100 most important discoveries in theory of computer science are presented – has awarded the best paper award for article "The Reachability Problem for Petri Nets is Not Elementary"], whose authors among others are Wojciech Czerwiński and Sławomir Lasota.

Petri nets are relatively simple computation model, which is still not well understood from the theoretical point of view, and therefore interesting. I will tell about reachability problem in Petri nets, which asks whether one can reach in finitely many moves a given final configuration when starting from a given initial configuration. I will show that this problem is highly nontrivial...

We are happy to announce that as a part of the cooperation between the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw and NVIDIA AI center in Warsaw, the faculty has just accepted a donation of 28 TITAN V cards.

The p-adic numbers are a number-theoretic counterpart of the real numbers. They are related to problems in number theory and moreover are susceptible to analytic methods. Recent years have seen enormous progress in the challenging field of p-adic geometry, much of which was due to Peter Scholze, one of the 2018 Fields Medalists. The talk will aim to describe some of these advances, in particular the notion of a "perfectoid space" introduced by Scholze, to non-specialists. No prior knowledge of the p-adic numbers will be assumed.

New competitions for the scientific-didactic positions and didactic positions.

The dimension-free structure of nonhomogeneous random matrices co-authored by prof. Rafał Latała in Inventiones mathematicae.

UW allows foreigners to participate not only in degree programmes, but also in short-term programmes, e.g. lasting one semester or one year. The offer of short stays is directed also to academic teachers and university administration staff. Some programmes are aimed at selected groups – citizens of certain countries or parts of the world – while others are open to everyone.

Each year more and more foreigners study and work at the University of Warsaw. We would like to present some of them. Meet: Kristóf Gyódi, Elizabeth I. Lekahena, Martijn de Jonge, Qian Li-Piszczek, Phillip Iain Jolly, Rupali Parekh, Ben Hur Mussulini, Lucas Pastor.

A mobile version of USOS for students and employees of the University of Warsaw, the Mobile USOS UW, is already in the Google Play Store. The application is available in the Polish and English language versions, and it is free. USOS is the University Study System used at many universities in Poland. Each university has its own version of the Mobile USOS. UW students and employees can download the application for their smartphones.

The conference will take place in Warsaw on August 5th-9th, 2019. It is organized and sponsored by University of Warsaw.

which will bring closer the issues related to anomalous diffusion and fractional derivatives, which have recently been gaining more and more practical applications and at the same time attract the attention of theoreticians.

On December 3, 2018, the XXIV Central European Academic Championships in Team Programming took place in Prague. The team of our students consisting of Jakub Boguta, Konrad Paluszek and Mateusz Radecki won the victory. All MIM representatives are entitled to the highest words of appreciation.

Agnieszka Świerczewska-Gwiazda Transport equation – one equation, plenty of methods

When: 6.12.2018, 14:30
Where: room 2180



We cordially invite everyone to the colloquium.


New competitions for the positions of assistant professor and senior lecturer have been opened.

     You can enroll for doctoral studies if you meet the requirements applicable in the participating faculties.

Bestowed by MIT Technology Review with the main objective of lending visibility to the work of the most talented, young leaders, capable of materializing ideas that will revolutionize the world of technology in the near future. Congratulations!

Warsaw is ranked 52nd in the QS Best Student Cities index which includes 100 cities in the world.

International students are enjoying its affordability, culture, nightlife and other factors.

at the Bordeaux Graph Workshop.
Awarded paper "Square-free graphs are multiplicative" has been just published in the Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B (the world's best journal on graph theory).

Students MIM UW since 1994 (when they started to compete) always get to the finals. We are the only university in the world which did it.

The main goal of the European Research Council (ERC) is to encourage high quality research in Europe through competitive funding.